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Fix of water leak into boot on Corsa C

Posted in car repair, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on June 23, 2012 by gtouser

Water had been leaking into the boot on our Corsa for a while so I finally decided to repair it as a musty smell had started to develop because of the dampness.

First step was to remove the black plastic trim , all carpets, and so on, on the left hand side of the boot as this was the area where the water seemed to be coming in. I then went into the back of the car and observed while my wife played a hose on the back of the car. Before long water was pouring down the inside wall of the outer skin of the nearside wing. It was building up between two skins below the lights and flowing into the boot through a hole there.

When I got out and looked around it was soon obvious why it was happening.

When the car was built a bead of sealant is applied along some of the seams but on our car a bit had been missed. Surprisingly it has taken many years to show as a problem. I sorted it by putting some silicone sealant into the gap and then tapping the metal shut with a cold chisel and hammer and then putting more sealant over the top. The photos show it more clearly.

There is a rubber plug in the boot which I removed some time ago to let the worst of the water out. Corrosion had started to develop around the plug so I angle grinded the rusty paint away and put some under-seal over that, see photos.


The problem area stripped of paint


silicone rubber applied, excess will be trimmed of later


zoomed out view so you can see where we are on the car


View of the rusty bung hole in the boot, it didn’t look as bad in real life


Area cleaned with angle grinder ready for under-sealing


Zoomed out view showing trim removed and the rusty bung hole on boot floor.