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How to change the headlight bulbs on a Mitsubishi GTO or 3000GT

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This explains how to change the headlight bulbs on a Mitsubishi GTO also known as the 3000GT and Dodge Stealth S3

First switch on the headlights so they pop up.

Next disconnect the negative battery lead so that they stay up and the power is dead.

First drop the top bezel by removing the self tapping screws shown in picture


Next remove the top cover by removing four screws


Now remove the lower bezel as shown in picture


You can now see  the  headlight with only a sheet metal bracket holding it in position, remove the four screws. Soak the screws in Plus Gas or similar anti seize fluid and make sure the philips scredriver is a good fit as they are likely to be very tight and you don’t want to get them chewed. If it does happen you might be able to clamp a mole wrench or wrench with self locking jaws on the screw and turn it that way. Replace the screw with a stainless socket head screw  if this happens and put copper grease on it for the next time. It would probably make sense to change them all for this type in any case.



Here’s another close up of the  headlight



Here is a view of the connector on the  back of the headlight


Pull the connector off  and remove the headlight from the front and you are nearly done.

I fitted Philips X-Treme Power H4 bulbs to my Misubishi GTO as the  light from the headlights seemed weak. These replacement bulbs claim to give 80% more light than standard but are legal in the UK at least. This may be because the wattage is the same and the law is drafted like that but they are more efficient at converting Amperes into Candellas.

When you handle the bulbs be careful not to touch the glass as the grease from your hand would cause a local hotspot and premature failure. If it does happen you should clean the glass with methylated spirit or alcohol and kitchen paper to remove the grease.

Take the oportunity to lubricate all the moving parts in the pop up mechanism while they are accessible. I used ROCOL copper grease normally used on disk brake calipers partly because it doesn’t wash off so readily and partly because I have some.

If you have any silicone grease put it in the connector contacts before pushing it on the bulb and it will be less susceptible to corrosion caused by water ingress. If you don’t have any use WD40 it will be better than nothing. 

Once the bulbs are fitted reassembly  is the opposite sequence to dissasembly but should be quicker if you have greased everything.